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Wiper Matting - Heather Plush Premium Matting
Price: $0.00

Designed to absorb water and hold dirt
Durable 100% cut pile Olefin filament
Color mixture is effective at hiding dirt
Vinyl back is resistant to mold and mildew
18oz/sq.yd. face weight offers full pile for improved looks and
Special cuts can be requested. Price per Sq./Ft Add 10% for
custom cutting
Applications: Ideal for use as a wiper at front entranceways or
around doors that allow traffic to move between warehouse and
 office areas.

brown, red, green, blue, charcoal, walnut

S/38WMHPP23 size 2x3’ 
S/38WMHPP34 size 3x4’ 
S/38WMHPP35 size 3x5’ 
S/38WMHPP36 size 3x6’ 
S/38WMHPP360 size 3x60’ 
S/38WMHPP46 size 4x6’ 
S/38WMHPP460 size 4x60’
S/38WMHPP48 size 4x8’ 
S/38WMHPP660 size 6x60’