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What we offer:

  • Highly qualified, factory trained service technicians.
  • 3 Fully equipped mobile service vans.
  • 120,000 parts and equipment inventory for fast turnaround and less down time
  • Cellular phone dispatching
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Exhaust emission testing
  • Computerized tracking of all work orders & repairs
  • Same day pick up and on the spot repairs. 90% record when called before 11 AM.
  • Loaner equipment ( subject to availability )
  • Offering refurbished equipment
  • We manufacture an advanced line of greener and safer chemicals
  • Customized maintenance programs and procedures
  • Safety Training Programs
  • Autoscrubbers and other maintenance equipment rentals
  • Competitive leasing rates
  • Rentals and loaners available
  • Leasing
Equipment service & repair
RTS Inc. knows the importance of keeping your equipment in excellent running condition.
  Chemical Manufacturing
We have formulated our product line with types that offer extremely low VOC'S.
Quick Steps Training Program
We help you customize instructions, tests and training tools for any cleaning/maintenance procedure
  WHMIS Training Program
Everyone who is exposed to hazardous materials is required by law to receive WHMIS training.
Full range of equipment available for rent
  Refurbished & Reconditioned Equipment
We sell reconditioned equipment. All second hand machines supplied by RTS Inc. are fully refurbished by our technicians.
Equipment leasing is a convenient, cost-effective way to get top-of-the-line floor cleaning equipment when capital is hard to come by.