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Refurbished & Reconditioned Equipment

We sell  reconditioned equipment. All second hand machines supplied by RTS Inc. are fully refurbished by our technicians. All of them have many years experience in cleaning equipment repairs industries.

RTS Inc. refurbishes all major brands of scrubbers, propane burnishers, electrical and battery burnishers, sweepers, floor machines, vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors, including: Advance/Nilfisk, Karcher, Kent / Euroclean, Pioneer Eclipse, Centaur, Tornado, NSS, Eagle, Mastercraft, Clarke/Alto.

In addition to equipment listed above, we may be able to supply chemicals, accessories and other related equipment . So, please contact us for offerings.

All equipment is restored to fully operational condition through a rigorous 5-step process:

Inspection: All equipment is inspected for electronics, electro mechanics and hydraulic operations.

Disassembly: Every unit is disassembled to clean and inspect each component.

Replacement of Suspect Parts: All electronic boards, power supplies and electronic components are tested and replaced if needed. All valves, cables, squeegees, solution and recovery lines and other worn parts are replaced to guarantee top performance of the refurbished equipment.

Reassembly and Testing: The equipment is then reassembled and tested on the floor to ensure problem free operations.

Detail: The equipment is then detailed before being put out for sale. Contact us for our current offering -- we breathe new life into used equipment! Whether you are looking for used equipment - or you have equipment that needs rebuilding, RTS Inc. is the answer for all your refurbishing needs! Rental equipment is available for use while your equipment is being rebuilt.

Current Machines availble for sale

Propane Buffers

27" Eagle and Pioneer Eclipse
24" Pioneer Eclipse
21" Probuff

26" Autoscubber Convertamatic
28" Convertamatic
34" Autoscrubber Convertamax
35" Ride On Scrubber Aggressor 3520

Electrical Burnishers

Pioneer Eclipse 120V Propane Burnisher
Tennant Battery Burnisher

Floor Machines 120V

Advance 2 speed (175-350)
35" Minuteman Sweeper - Battery operated
28" Advance Push Sweeper