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Twin Rib Matting
Price: $0.00
Code: S/38WMTRCC

Twin Rib Matting is made up of 100% Polypropylene needle punched
Rib Design on a heavy vinyl backing Its classic twin rib design is strong
and effective element for all of your wiping and scraping needs
The Twin Rib Matting has been designed to "grab" at the dirt and trap it
inside its ribbing while constantly maintaining an attractive overall appearance
Twin Rib is a low maintenance, easy to clean product that will
aid in maintaining a clean environment year round. .
Applications: Twin Rib Matting is recommended for medium to high
traffic areas and is most effective for entrance ways and lobbies.
COLOURS: Choco, Green, Charcoal, Antracite

S/38WMTR34 size 3x4’ 
S/38WMTR35 size 3x5’ 
S/38WMTR36 size 3x6’ 
S/38WMTR48 size 4x8’ 
S/38WMTR360 size 3x60’ 
S/38WMTR460 size 4x60’ 
S/38WMTR660 size 6x60’