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Style Point Matting
Price: $0.00
Code: S/38WMSPCC

Style Point Matting is made of 100% Polypropylene, mounted on
durable vinyl backing Effective wiping capabilities with its nop design
Multi-directional scraper action
The attractive pattern of the Style Point Matting, combined with the
performance of the scraping fibers makes for a positive effect in any
Can be easily maintained with frequent vacuuming, wet or dry and
periodic steam cleaning
Applications: Style Point Matting is recommended for heavy traffic
areas, specifically for high traffic entrance ways and lobbies.

S/38WMSP34 size 3x4’ 
S/38WMSP35 size 3x5’ 
S/38WMSP360 size 3x60’ 
S/38WMSP46 size 4x6’ 
S/38WMSP48 size 4x8’ 
S/38WMSP460 size 4x60’ 
S/38WMSP660 size 6x60’