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Perfecto - wax stripper, degreaser
Price: $0.00
Brand: RTS
Code: Z315-004

This unique product unlocks the polymeric structure of all water based floor finishes. Perfecto will remove heavy deposits of soils and grime from all surfaces.  The new raw materials utilized in Perfecto quickly penetrate, dissolve and lift waxes or grease easily.  You can use Perfecto in either hot or cold water.  Always test on a small area to insure product suitability.

Available in:4L, 4 x 4L case, 20L Pail.

  • Does not contain any Nonyl Phenols
  • Rapid penetration of most waxes
  • Low odour
  • High alkaline for quick action


  • Vinyl tiles
  • Composite vinyl tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Warehouse unsealed
  • Rubber composition


  • Heavy duty, fast very effective 
  • low foam easy rinsing
  • Removes heavy polymer film build-up
  • Non flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Pleasant fragrance

Odour: Citrus 
Biodegradability: complete
Colour: light red
Emulsification: excellent
Foaming: very low
Shelf life: 2 years min.
Wetting: very good
Risibility: very good
pH: 13.5  
Flash point: none

Directions: STRIPPING  Dilute 1-5 parts warm water and apply to acrylic floor finish, allow 5-10 minutes contact time, do not allow any areas of the floor to dry out, Using a 175 – 300 r.p.m. floor machine with a black stripping pad, remove the sealer/ finish. Rinse well with fresh water.   Not Rinsing well will cause powdering, and cracking.   It is recommended that a second rinse be considered when stripping an older porous floors.

Safety: Keep out of reach of children.  For industrial use only. Safety data sheet available on request.  Contains alkaline metasilicates and amines. May be harmful if swallowed.  Causes eye & skin irritation. If swallowed give fruit juice, follow with olive oil or drink 4-5 glasses of water if juice is not available. Do not induce vomiting. Seek Medical attention.Eyes..... Wash with a 5% solution of boric acid/water mixture if not available flush with tap water for period of 15 minutes then seek medical attention, promptly.