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Enzyme Factory - Multi Use Enzyme Cleaner
Price: $0.00
Brand: RTS
Code: Z711-004

Billions of non-disease causing bacteria in every quart produce enzymes that degrade these organic wastes naturally. Because enzymes are continually regenerated by these bacteria, this product is much more economical and efficient than using massive doses of enzymes alone to degrade waste and eliminate the source of odors.

Available in:4L, 4 x 4L case, 20L Pail.

Home (bath, kitchen, closets, basement, pet litter)
Institutions (hospitals, nursing homes, motels and schools)
Farm (barn, manure piles)
Dairy, Food product wastes
Feed lots (cattle), Pig pens
Garbage dumps, Industrial plants
Sewage lagoons, Treatment plants Kennels, Travel trailer toilets
Industrial waste treatment plants
The many types of bacteria in this special formulation will digest: laundry detergents - paper- and cellulose - grease, fats and oils - proteins and starches - hair
The elimination of these wastes will keep drains, grease traps and pipes free flowing and deodorized.
Helps restore the normal biological activity to septic tanks, cesspools, lagoons and municipal treatment facilities.
Each batch is certified Salmonella free. May be sprayed directly on the sources of pet odors such as litter boxes and urine that may be found on carpet.
Environmentally safe - non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-acid and non- caustic.

Color: Milky white
Odor: Fresh & Clean
pH: 7.0
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Flash point: Non-flammable
Shelf life: 1 yr. min.
Effective pH range: 5.5 - 8.5
Temperature range: 55 - 110 degrees F


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Drain lines and down pipes: Use product a minimum of two times weekly to a maximum of four times depending on the usage of the building. Add product in amounts listed below, start on the lowest floor and work up at the rate of one floor every day. Do not treat the same floor twice. When the top floor is reached continue treatment for the top floor only.
2" 4 oz. 2 times per wk.
4" 8 oz. 2 times per wk.
6" 12 oz. 2 times per wk.
8" 16 oz. 2 times per wk.

Grease Traps: For traps less than 20 cubic feet capacity, add 4-5 oz. of product daily, by pouring in a sink or pipeline closest to the trap. This should be done at night or when the traps are used the least. After adding, flush down with a cup of lukewarm water. For grease traps larger than 20 cubic feet, add 8-10 ounces daily using the same procedure.
Septic Tanks: Add one pint per 25 cubic feet capacity for the initial treatment. Thereafter, use 8 ounces per week. This should be poured directly into toilet and flushed. If septic tank has become clogged and odorous, add one gallon of product directly to the tank through the manhole.
Municipal Sewage Treatment Systems Trickling Filters: Use 5-6 gallons per million gallons of daily flow. For preventive maintenance, use two gallons per MSD weekly to maintain proper operations.
Sludge Lagoons: Use 5-6 gallons per MGD at point of entry. Use 2 gallons per MGD each week for maintenance.
Anaerobic Sludge: Use two gallons per ten cubic feet twice weekly.
Deodorizing: For pet urine and fecal matter on carpets and floor - remove gross filth first, apply directly, by squirting or spraying on the problem area. Do not rinse.
Deodorizing: Garbage receptacles, portable toilets, etc. - apply as necessary.