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Electric, Portable - Classic Upright
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Classic hot water pressure washers that use 25% LESS FUEL than standard models

Outdoor / Indoor Cleaning
1200 PSI

Karcher expanded its HDS series of hot water pressure washers to include a new entry-level Compact Upright design. The new HDS 1.7/12 Compact Upright is powerful and robust with unsurpassed maneuverability. The new model is compact, lightweight and easy to transport and features numerous useful details that make working with hot water high-pressure cleaners more convenient, intuitive and easier than ever.

The 1200 psi, pressure washer produces 1.7 gallons per minute of 175 degree water, while weighing in at just 150lbs. The new Upright is ideal for craftsmen of all types, including: sanitary, air conditioning, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, light construction, and remodeling contractors; in addition to tire service centers, and metal working companies. These new machines feature enhanced: ergonomics, storage, user-friendliness, quality, mobility & efficiency. Available in 120V 15AMP power, each has been ETL safety certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

Its innovative Upright design with ergonomic handle and large wheels make it easy to move, even over stairs and steps, moreover its compact design and integrated tilting aid make it easy to load, transport and unload with just about any compact SUV.

The HDS 1.7/12 has a considerably smaller footprint than other hot water models, allowing for use and storage in tight spaces. It has integrated spray lance storage, power cord hooks, mounting clip for detergent hose and nozzle compartment to make the unit simple and practical resulting in shorter prep times.

Engineered to be the user-friendliest of hot water pressure washers, its central control panel has just three modes: off/cold/hot. Its optical fuel level indicator makes it easy to fill when necessary, and safety locks prevent fuel and oil from leaking during transport in the horizontal position.

A robust 3-piston axial pump and brass cylinder head provide the unit with more power and endurance, while a fine water filter and exhaust temperature sensor protect the unit from damage.

Hot 175 degree water significantly increases cleaning performance, while its triple nozzle power contour provides up to 40% more cleaning power, and its 92% efficient, state-the-art, burner technology uses 25% less fuel consumption. See More...

Key Features:


1.7 gpm

175 degree hot water water

2.2 hp


24.3" x 24.3" x 39"