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Brand: Nilfisc-Advance


The Terra® 132B sweeper is engineered to address a wide span of floor cleaning needs. The main broom counter-rotates against the direction of travel providing superior cleaning. The side broom can be lowered to edge clean while you sweep.

The quiet Terra 132B will not disturb, or even be noticed by, others close by. Since it is battery operated, you have free roaming abilities and no cord tripping hazards. The large 1.8 cubic foot (51 L) hopper and overthrow sweeper design allows you to spend more time cleaning and less time emptying the hopper.

The Terra 132B has excellent dust control. It utilizes a two-stage filter system that consists of a prefilter grid and a main panel filter. The prefilter traps larger light debris and particles allowing the main filter to work more effectively. The manual filter shaker frees dust from the filter to maintain high dust control efficiency. An electric filter shaker option is also available.

An onboard charger makes recharging the unit fast and simple. Recharge at anytime and anyplace without the need for a special battery room. The Advance Terra 132B is over ten times more productive than a person working with a manual push broom. And since the Advance Terra 132B is powered with traction-drive, operators remain fresher for other tasks after sweeping.


  • Sweeps up to 38,700 sq feet (3,596 sq m) per hour, significantly improving labor productivity
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable handle with conveniently located controls for safe and easy operation
  • Rugged rotomolded body and cover on a sturdy steel chassis
  • Onboard charger provides the flexibility to charge anywhere
  • Tool-free access to brooms and dust filter
  • Two stage system for more effective dust control; tool-free filter access


Commerical Brochure
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Fact Sheet
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Industrial Brochure
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Operators Manual
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Parts List
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Service Manual
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